Metanoia is a Greek word that means a change of mind. In this context metanoia is a rhetorical device that means retraction of a statement and then alter it to accommodate a few things forgotten to mention.

The correction of statements is done either through writing or speech. The aim of metanoia is always to strengthen, retract, weaken or amplify. In most cases people mistake metanoia for additional statements or corrections. Additional statements such as I went to school earlier that morning; however Jane decided to stay home.

In this case the use of however does not make this statement metanioa it’s just an additional statement. If a school writes a letter to a parent dismissing his son from school and later retracts the letter that does not make it metanoia either.

Metanonia Examples

  • Chelsea thinks of herself a-no I can’t say that; she is; she is an amazing person.
  • The school is nothing without the parents –or to put in a better way- Parents play a very big role in solving issues that the board cannot solve and that is why we need you.
  • Those who can’t walk or see will be favored- no scratch that- Those with a disability will be given proper attention at the new school.
  • I was conflicted – or rather should I say we Mr. Barkly and I were conflicted on what to do for the children when the rollercoaster broke down and therefore we decided to take them for camping instead.
  • It was Kenya Davis’ house – Or rather as I did not know Kenya Davis, It was a house owned by a very attractive young man.
  • To have the best barbecue ever- no, scratch that. To have the best barbecue experience you have to visit Craig’s.
  • The plan was to take on the best group in class when this large tummy-like ball –No let me correct that. The plan was to take on the best group in class when Jason threw this tummy-like ball towards us. The ball was filled with chocolate. You can guess what happened to us.
  • Kelvin is a very attractive guy at some point I thought we would get married and have kids- or at least, maybe no kids something like that. Bottom line is that I trusted him.

There are great examples of metanoia in speeches made by famous people. We use metanoia every day in conversations and writing especially when unsure of what to say in certain awkward conversations.